Thesis Film: OSUN


Bean Vs Beast: Storyboarding Project



Comic: Black Matta’

A comic done for my school’s comic anthology, “Static Fish” (spring┬áissue 2015).  More


some fanart, some original stuff.More

COMIC: New Game

Concept Art: Black Matta’

Who is it that you think you are? Madai searches for what she is meant to do in the galaxy and in turn finds new friends, foes, and corruption schemes.More

Video game project: Red Bow

A video game project done for a college final exam in Game Maker Studio. Concept: Waking up one day to find her parents missing, Red Bow speaks to the local Wolves to find them. Inspired by┬áRed Riding Hood and Undertale, in this game the player would be able to make decisions towards helping or harming…More

Comic: Untitled 1

“Everything I Know About Zombies…” Concepts

For the graphic novel adaptation of Kevin Wayne Williams’ hit book. In development towards the Creators for Creators grant.More